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Grado: the sea, the lagoon and its history

The Grado Lagoon: an extensive area dotted with large and small islands facing the open sea. The landscape is enchanting, suspended between the land and the sea.

The Grado lagoon is of utmost geological and naturalistic importance. Boat trips can be made in and around the islands of Barene and Banchi. The islands are home to the typical “Casoni”, fisherman’s houses, and larger ,brickwork buildings as found on the Island of Barbana.

Many of the islands that are part of the Grado Lagoon are, in fact, inhabited. The Island of Barbana is home to the Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna.According to legend in the year 582, after a violent sea tempest that destroyed the town of Grado, the statue of the Madonna was seen floating on the water and it finally came to rest on the Island of Barbana.

Grado is also famous for its beaches and sea spas. The beaches have only a slight incline and so are ideal for children to play safely. The healthy sea air and the spa waters are the perfect health treatments for children.


Grado: the old town and the historical centre

The historical roots of Grado date back to Roman times when it was built as a port and mooring point for Aquilea, with the aim of protecting it from sea invasion.The current historical centre is the Castrum built in the IIV century as a defense and used as such during the barbaric invasions.

After many wars over ownership of the town in 1892 Grado, under the Emperor Francesco Giuseppe Grado, was given the status of Seaside and Health Resort and only after the First World War was did it again become part of Italy.